Online filing of PF Return

Key points in Provident Fund (PF) return

Monthly PF payment: EPF (Employee provident fund) collected and contributed each month by employer should be paid 15th of the following month. Eg: Wages paid for the month of January 2021 is 2 February 2021, then contribution collected for the month of January 2021 should be paid by 15th February, 2021.

Monthly PF return filing: PF return is mandatory to file every month by employer. The last date of filing the pf return online is 25th of following month.

Government unified portal: EPFO (Employee provident fund organization) has launched the Unified Portal for monthly payment of PF (Provident Fund) and filing of PF ECR/Monthly PF Return.

UAN (Universal Account Number): UAN number is allotted to every employee by the employer of the organization. It is used to deposit the PF contribution in the employee account. Employees can check the amount and corpus of by using the UAN.

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PF Return due dates





Monthly payment of provident fund amount by Payment of Challan.

15th of every month


Monthly PF return filing (ECR: Electronic challan cum return)

25th of every month


PF Annual return

30th April of every year

Our Packages for online filing of PF return


Rs. 999/- 

(All Inclusive)
  • One PF Return (ECR)- (Upto 50 Employees)
  • PF Return copy
  • Challan copy


Rs. 9,999/-

(All Inclusive)
  • One Year PF Return (ECR)- (Upto 50 Employees)
  • PF Return copy
  • Challan copy


Rs. 18,999/-

(All Inclusive)
  • One Year PF Return (ECR)- (Upto 100 Employees)
  • PF Return copy
  • Challan copy 

Penal Damages and Interest for Late payment of PF contribution

Penal damages and interest are levied under section 14b and 7q respectively for late payment of pf contribution. The rate of penal damages and interest are as follows:

Penal Damages: Penal damages are levied at the following FLAT RATES:

1For 0—-2 months5% p.a.
2For 2—-4 months10% p.a.
3For 4—-6 months15% p.a.
4For delay above 6 months25% p.a. (subject to a maximum 100%)

Interest: Interest is applicable under section 7Q at the rate of 12% per annum on the employer every day in case of failure to deposit the EPF contribution before the deadline.

Details & Documents required for filing PF Return

  • Employee sheet with UAN number of all employees.
Note: ‘Employee sheet’ includes: Basic wages, Attendance record, per day wages, UAN number, wages per month, Employee PF contribution and Employer PF contribution. 
  • User ID and Password to access Unified Portal for filing PF return.
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of employer, if applicable.

Process for filing PF return

Collection of documents and Employee Sheet.
Verification of Employee sheet.
Filing the PF Return ECR online
Submit and Pay the challan.
Submit the PF return.


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