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What is Director Identification Number?

DIN full form is ‘Director Identification Number’. DIN is a unique identification number which is issued by Ministry of corporate affairs to the individual intended to be a director of a company in India.

DIN is an 8 digit unique number which is unique and specific to the individual director, which means even if he is a director in 2 or more companies, he has to obtain only 1 DIN.

DIN is basically issued to a director of an existing or proposed company to sign and execute the agreement relates to the company in which he is a director.

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Process and Rules to obtain DIN

  • Application for allotment of DINs to the proposed first Directors in respect of new companies shall be made in SPICe Form only.
  • In case of existing company, individual can apply for DIN in Form DIR-3, but already director in an existing company will attach a signature to approve it.
  • To issue a DIN to a new director in an existing company, information about the existing company need to fill.
  • Any changes in the particulars of the directors shall be filed in Form DIR-6.
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is needed to sign the form for application of Director Identification Number (DIN). 

DIN (Director Identification number) application fees


₹ 1,199/- 

(All Inclusive)
  • Filing of DIN application.
  • DIN Number with DIN approval letter. 


₹ 2,199/-

(All Inclusive)
  • Filing of DIN application.
  • DIN Number with DIN approval letter.
  • Class-3 DSC of One Director

List of documents required for DIN application

  • Photograph.
  • Proof of Identity.
  • Proof of Address.
Please Note:  a) PAN is mandatory for application of DIN. (It is not mandatory for foreign nationals). b) DSC is mandatory for application of DIN. c) DSC of practising CA, CS or CMA is mandatory.

Process for application of DIN

Collection and Verification of Documents.
Filing the respective form.
Submission of form.
Allotment of DIN approval letter.


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